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Since HSPs are so easily affected by other people's moods, it's important to practice grounding techniques. The following is an excellent visualization to center yourself, either in the morning or anytime throughout the day, especially when being negatively affected by people around you.

Centering Meditation

Once you have completed a few minutes of slow deep breathing, imagine that a soft, flexible green cord is attached to the base of your spine . . . Clearly observe this cord . . . The cord is slowly moving from your spine toward the floor . . . Imagine two more green cords that are attached to the soles of your feet . . . Now visualize all three green cords meeting at the Earth's surface and forming one large, strong green cord . . .

Observe the large green cord as gravity pulls the thick rope deeper toward the center of the Earth . . . The cable is now traveling through layers and layers of solid rock . . . deeper and deeper . . . You can clearly see the cord traveling as it slowly moves toward the center of the Earth . . .

Finally, the green cord arrives at the very center of the Earth . . . The rope anchors itself to the Earth's center, and you begin to slowly inhale calm, centered, and stable energy from the Earth's core . . . Visualize the energy slowly rising toward the Earth's surface with each inhalation . . .

The energy easily ascends towards the ground level . . . Observe the grounding energy arrive at the Earth's surface . . . The powerful energy arrives at the Earth's surface . . . The powerful energy ascends through the floor and into the soles of your feet . . . You feel the energy rising up your legs . . . You feel solid and centered, like a rock . . .

Now feel the Earth's energy enter the base of your spine . . . The serene, grounded energy feels so soothing . . . Feel the Earth's energy slowly travel up your spine through your lower back . . . mid back . . . upper back . . . neck . . . all the way to the top of your head . . .

You feel centered, calm, and strong as this core energy circulates throughout your entire being . . . filling every cell of your body . . . Breathe in the Earth's energy for a few moments . . . You are calm, centered and happy . . . You are calm, centered, and happy . . . You are calm, centered, and happy . . .

This grounding meditation is an excellent method to use prior to dealing with a difficult situation. You may want to tape record this meditation until you can perform it from memory.

Another method to protect yourself from negative energy is to visualize a white light surrounding you. This is an effective technique to utilize before entering a room with a large group of people.

White Light Meditation

Once you have completed a few minutes of slow deep breathing visualize a crystal-clear white light encircling your body . . . Notice how the shimmering light encompasses every inch of your skin . . . Observe clearly how strong the shield is . . . Imagine negative energy bouncing off the impenetrable armor and ricocheting back to its source . . . You are safe and protected . . . You are safe and protected . . . You are safe and protected . . .

Many students reported that when they practiced the white light meditation before entering a stimulating situation, they were able to remain calm. Try to remember to perform this brief meditation, which will give you much inner-peace.

The Highly Sensitive Person's Survival Guide - Ted Zeff, PH.D. (pg 27-29)
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