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In the last chapter we discussed coping strategies to deal with our overstimulating Type A society. In this chapter we will discuss specific techniques for calming the senses and coping with time pressure. In order to survive in our overstimulating world we must diligently employ techniques to calm all five senses -- hearing, touching, sight, taste, and smell. While we can't live free of stimuli, we can use specific tools to reduce the overstimulation of each of our senses.

Calming the Senses
An entire generation has now been brought up addicted to the overstimulation of the sense organs. As an example of the increased overstimulation in our electronic age, I've noticed that some amusement parks are creating full-sensory overload activities. New 4-D theaters are offering a frenetic visual experience, theater seats that buck and roll, and even the release of strange aromas. There may be a correlation between increased stimulation and the higher number of children diagnosed with hyperactive disorders. Unfortunately, the new panacea for hyperactive children is to medicate them with powerful drugs that may create innumerable side effects. However, if these same children lived in a natural environment without electronic devices, many of the "hyperactive" children would not need to be medicated (DeGrandpre 1999).

The Highly Sensitive Person's Survival Guide - Ted Zeff, PH.D. (pg 35-36)


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